Everyone has one or two people in their list to check their online presence from time to time. But if those individuals set their Instagram profiles as private, it can be quite frustrating. Wouldn’t it be awesome to just check their private account via a third party tool and then close it without giving yourself in. If you say yes, then we have some good news because in 2023, there are many ways to view a private Instagram account.

There is bound to be something that will work for you, whether you want to do fast searches, issue a follow request, or check to see whether a friend or family member is already following you on Instagram. You may now have instant access to any and all of the information you want, thanks in large part to the fantastic programs.
Okay, as we agreed to proceed discovering private accounts and view their profiles in the most feasible way, continue to read for options and methods available. We will both mention quick fix methods as well as third-party solution apps to solve this issue.

How to View a Private Instagram Account in 2023 Without Following?

Most people think that following an Instagram profile is the only way to view their posts, profiles and videos. Some of them take the further step and even create fake accounts to follow specific people in peace. However, we can assure that there are smarter ways to achieve your goal without pretending to be an undercover agent. So, what are those methods?

#1. Just Make a Quick Search

This is the most direct solution you can ever imagine. Just type their names, surnames or profile username in your favorite search engine, such as Google or Bing, and check out the results, even the Google image section.

If their profile is public, you’ll be able to go directly to their profile without having to follow them first. However, if their profile is private, then chances are that their profile won’t appear on any search engine result.

#2. Sending a Follow Request

Another way of accessing someone’s private Instagram account is by sending a follow request. All you need is your Instagram Profile and basic knowledge about sending requests.

After creating your profile, all you need is the username of the person whose private account you wish to see and click “Follow” from his/her profile page if available.

The person will receive your request within minutes and may approve or decline it according to his/her choice. It doesn’t guarantee they will accept your request, but it’s worth a try if nothing else works. On a positive sidenote, if they blindly accept your request, they increase their instagram followers automatically; it’s a win-win.

#3. Finding Out If Your Friends/Family Members are Following

The third way to view someone’s private Instagram account is by finding out whether any of your friends or family members are already following that particular user on Instagram.

Suppose someone from your contacts list isn’t already following them. In that case, they’ll have no access to that person’s page even if they’re sent a follow request because one must be accepted as a follower before gaining entry into any given user’s home page.

So make sure you check out everything connected with you (in real life) regarding this matter so that you don’t miss out on any opportunity.

Best Tools to View Private Instagram Accounts: Tried-and-True

So, as you may heard, iDigic is an app that will work for you at the utmost quality when it comes to Instagram analytics, viewing and marketing.

Yet, you may also notice that it will not basically allow you to set your profile in private mode at all. It will immediately give an error during the checkout steps. But no worries, we have a well-crafted list for you that includes all the reliable and high performer apps to view privare Instagram accounts. What is left to you is to read their details, maybe try some of those and select the best one for your needs and preferences.

1. Glassagram


It is a web-based app that appeals to everyone who wants to browse Instagram profiles in full privacy while not bothering to sign up for an account. The app is pretty simple to use and has an intuitive interface which makes it possible to be used by every kind of user. While its essential purpose is to show private accounts without following them, you can also download photos from those profiles. And lastly, it supports both private and public accounts when it comes to profile viewing.

2. xMobiimg2

This tool is another example of how you can reach a private account details without following them and without them noticing. Because it works in a different way; it uses a proxy connection. This type of secure browsing method hides your original identity while creating a secure bridge between you and that private account; hence, their private profile setting will be removed from the equation. Even though this technology may sound complicated, the app is not at all. Everyone can easily download and start using the app and view private Instagram accounts.

3. eyeZyimg3

This is an advanced Instagram private profile viewing app because it allows many filters to make the process smooth. You can filter contents posted based on their specific criteria. For example, you can filter nudity related content. And what is more, you can also track their certain statistics such as their profile views, post views, etc. And when you are doing it, they will not even know their own profile views maybe. And of course, they will not find out about your prying eyes.

4. uMobiximg4

This specific Instagram spy app is another great tool if you are focused on reaching your goal and even more. Because not only it allows viewing private profile details, but it also allows its users to view and browse deleted comments or deleted photos from those accounts.

It sounds impossible, but with the newest technology, it is not that difficult in today’s world. While your private profile surfing will be in secrecy, you will enjoy reaching full details about that target profile.

5. IGmodsimg5

This app to view Instagram profiles is a bit superior since it gives more options when viewing the profiles, their photos. And it is considered as a more secure way to view the profiles because the app ensures that no one will ever detect your access to their private profiles.

You may ask how it can be possible? So the answer is about the app’s capability to wipe all the marks belonging to your visit.


Is it Really Safe to View a Private Instagram Account?

Yes, one can say that when it is used within the limits of purpose of the apps mentioned, it is safe for yourself who chooses to view it, and for the individual who has no idea about it.
Yet, we cannot guarantee that the images you see on the profile are always up to date compared to following them in real life.

Are There Multiple Ways to View a Private Instagram Account in 2023?

Yes of course! There are multiple ways, quick tips and tricks to facilitate viewing Private Instagram Accounts and you do not have to be a tech guru to figure them out. You may directly choose to take advantage of third-party apps that are solely designed for this purpose, or you can take simpler ways such as following them or searching their details on search engines.

Yet, we should warn you about the fact that when viewing other people’s profile even though they set them as private, you should be considerate of your actions. So, choose the app you use wisely, read its reviews, maybe try with a few profiles belonging to your friends at first. Observe if by any means they notice your profile visit and then you should proceed to view your target profile.

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