Instagram is a platform of boundless potential where businesses and influencers thrive as it has over 1 billion active monthly users. It’s time to unlock the secret to fast-track your following without shelling out a dime.

You can start simple and do it organically, including engaging with other users, increasing visibility with algorithm updates, leveraging shoppable posts, running Instagram ads, optimizing profile page appearance, and getting more exposure from the media and bloggers.

Dive into this article to discover nine ways to get free Instagram followers organically, helping you reach those business goals. Let’s go.

Best Ways to Get Free Instagram Followers Organically

Growing an engaged and large Instagram following is a challenge for all businesses, but it can be done for free in 2023 with organic methods. Here are some techniques that have been proven to work for getting more followers and generating engagement on Instagram.


1. Establishing a Strong Brand Aesthetic and Voice

Creating an identifiable brand aesthetic is essential for growing an engaged following on Instagram. Give your posts that extra edge with a consistent color palette, fonts, imagery, and graphics.

Strengthen the connection with potential followers by delivering unique content they won’t find anywhere else. Keep in mind potential followers want creative content tailored towards their interests, so make it special.

Words are powerful, so make sure you choose those that truly express your brand’s personality. Crafting engaging captions with the perfect words will help to ensure customers not only remember what they’ve read but also feel connected to your company.


2. Engaging with Other Users and Influencers

Engaging with other accounts is one of the best organic ways to get free followers in 2023, as it increases exposure for both accounts involved in the interaction.

Start by identifying potential influencer partners who have audiences similar to yours and research their engagement rate, post frequency, follower count, etc. Then reach out via DM or tag them in comments/posts to start building relationships.

You can also collaborate with influencers on giveaways or joint campaigns which will help you reach new audiences faster than ever before. Don’t forget about engaging with normal users just like you as well as like posts you enjoy and leaving meaningful comments whenever possible.

These small interactions can make all the difference when it comes to drawing in new followers organically.


3. Increasing Visibility Through Algorithm Changes

The Instagram algorithm can be tricky, but understanding how it works can help you increase visibility significantly.

For starters, always create high-quality content tailored for specific audiences. This means choosing topics based on what your target demographic would actually be interested in reading/watching/listening etc., as opposed to generic topics that don’t pique anyone’s interest.

Utilizing relevant hashtags in every post will also help boost engagement levels as it improves discoverability. However, don’t go overboard, as this could cause your posts to become buried under more popular hashtags.

Make use of Stories highlights and pinned stories which allow viewers easier access when revisiting older posts. Similarly, testing different post times will help determine peak visibility periods so you know when exactly people are most likely viewing your content.


4. Incorporating User Generated Content (UGC)

User Generated Content (UGC) is a great way to build relationships with potential customers while also giving your brand more visibility. One way to encourage UGC is by having customers or followers submit content featuring your product or brand on Instagram.

You could also display UGC prominently on your profile page or showcase it through integrated campaigns such as contests or giveaways. UGC offers authenticity and relevance that resonates better with users and helps drive engagement, so be sure to leverage it.


5. Leveraging Shoppable Posts

As Instagram continues to grow, shoppable posts are now the newest way for businesses and brands to engage their customers. Showcase your product info without making followers click away from Insta.

For example, adding customer reviews in shoppable posts can help build credibility and trust with potential buyers looking at your products. Integrating shop tags into stories, IGTV videos, carousels, and more provide users with direct access to purchase your products from within the app itself.


6. Growing Your Audience with Ads

Although advertising costs money, it’s still possible to get free Instagram followers by creating ads that encourage people to follow you.

Utilizing targeted ads will help you attract engaged users who are likely already interested in what you have to offer as a business. This ensures each click turns into a real follower rather than just an empty view count statistic.

Similarly, running sponsored giveaways via ads can help draw attention to your page while also providing some free exposure for whoever wins the giveaway, subtly driving organic engagement in the process too.


7. Maximizing User Engagement

Organic user engagement is key to growing followers on Instagram in 2023. Schedule an online Q&A and let people get up close and personal with you. Engaging through Ask Me Anything sessions will help cultivate relationships and expand brand awareness.

Creating polls with multiple questions is a useful way to interact directly with followers while garnering insight into their interests and opinions. Surveys can also be used to gain valuable feedback from users about the performance of your product or service.

Responding quickly and thoughtfully to user comments will let them know that their opinion matters and show that you appreciate their input.


8. Optimizing Profile Page Appearance

Optimizing profile page appearance is key for attracting new followers on Instagram. It includes regularly updating your bio section with relevant information about your brands, such as contact information and links to your website or other social media platforms where users can learn more about you.

Using high-quality images for profile pictures and adding interesting visuals like graphs or videos related to your industry can help improve the user experience when visiting your page which increases the likelihood that visitors will follow your profile instead of just moving along elsewhere on the platform.

Get creative and make your profile pop. Using high-quality images for your page will create an awesome user experience. You should also include links to other social media platforms as well as any websites associated with your business in order to drive more traffic from Instagram over to these areas.


9. Reaching Out to Media Publications and Bloggers for Exposure

Reaching out to media publications or bloggers that align with the same values as your company or have a similar audience demographic as yours. As both parties reach each other’s audiences, it builds up trust between new followers and brand loyalty among existing ones.

Show off your special products and services or company milestones in style with press releases. Get more eyes on what you’ve got to offer without spending a dime. It’s the perfect way to increase follower counts over time.


Grow Your Instagram Followers Naturally in 2023

Gaining free Instagram followers naturally is certainly possible in 2023, but it requires a lot of hard work and patience from you as a creator or business owner. Understanding the current landscape is essential when crafting strategies that will propel you toward success on this platform. Believe it or not, but another method that can enhance the organic interest in your Instagram profile is to buy instagram followers. An increase in followers looks way better to the eye and will attract more visitors and possibly new genuine followers to your account.

Through utilizing tactics such as audience targeting techniques, incorporating specific hashtags into posts, and creating engaging content, you can reach your goal of gaining free Instagram followers.

Keep in mind that consistency is key when trying to grow organically, so stay active on the platform while remaining mindful of its ever-changing algorithms. With these tips in mind, you should see an increase in your number of followers within a few months.

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