Instagram is an explosive social media platform with the potential to drive anyone’s business to the top. The influencers within your niche are reaping big from it and so are your competitors. But there’s a catch; tapping into the millions of followers on this hub needs the best tools and doesn’t take a day to get to them all.

The biggest resource people who run business lack or have in minuscule amount is time. And therefore sitting in front of a computer and hunting for leads is just not a viable solution. You need to speak with investors, customers, competitors and your own team and that means taking much time off your desktop. Since you can’t neglect lead hunting and perhaps hiring an assistant may not be a profitable move, they only option remaining is to run much of that on autopilot.

Have you ever wondered how you could drive leads without having to do much? Here are a couple of ways you can do it:

1. Through Holr

Holr is a tool that automates direct messaging (DM). DMs are essential especially when you need to say “thank you” to every individual that follows you on Instagram. Normally, people follow you because they see value in you and by responding back, you’ll be telling them that you are real and active. Such a move can generate conversations that lead to a productive relationship.

The paid version of Holr allows you to send up to 120 messages in a day. This is a fantastic way to engage your new leads. It’s easy to change or customize your message and takes a few minutes only. If you are not ready to spend but wish to test the waters first, the take advantage of the free trial.

2. Through Instacrusher

If you want to drive as many leads to your Instagram page, get massive traffic and make money, look no further than Instacrusher. The program comes with four applications designed to help you cut down on time while on Instagram.

The 4 applications include:

  • Instacinema – create awesome stories like celebrities through a mix of images and videos to attract a wide fan base.
  • InstaDB software – it’s a database that keeps all the important details regarding top-level accounts and niches that you might like to emulate or link up with.
  • AutoInsta – this application lets you create compelling quotes or text images like a pro designer
  • InstaTemplate – it’s hard to come up with engaging content ideas. InstaTemplate takes that out of your hand by providing ready-made templates loaded with many slogans you can use with little to no editing.

3. Pitchbox-Blogger outreach tool

Pitchbox helps to expedite the blogger outreach program by taking care of the smaller details that tend to take more time than necessary. Since it runs most of the activities on autopilot, you get more time to connect and discuss partnerships with the best influencers in your space.

Here are some of the key features of Pitchbox:

  • Performance reporting-this section lets you know what is working, what isn’t and what needs refining.
  • Integrated email clients-you can manage all your mails via Pitchbox so your outreach program stays orderly.
  • Relationship manager-this section brings all the data pertaining to your relationships in one place. It includes things like social media activity, contact history etcetera.
  • Prospecting-whatever you are searching for, be it social media profiles, contact details, or website URL, the prospecting section got you covered.
  • Automated follow-up- the best deals take time to close and within that time, you need to keep communicating and doing follow-ups. With automated follow-up, you can still keep in touch with your contacts even on tight schedules.

Other reliable blogger outreach tools you can use include Buzzsumo, Traackr, Tomoson, BuzzStream, Ninja Outreach and many more. Since most of the tools in this article do more than liking, at some point that could come off as spammy. Alternatives to that would be Display Purposes and Everliker.

Everliker is an auto-liking assistant that can help other people notice you and follow back. The tool doesn’t comment and hence less spammy. The first version is a free chrome plugin and after a month you would be needed to subscribe (just a few dollars). Besides liking your own posts and those of others, it can run through a list of your target influencers and like their posts and those of their followers.

Display Purposes is a free tool that hunts for the most viral hashtags. Since using the right hashtags (particularly those used by your influencers) is a reliable way to get followers, you may want to try out this tool.

4. Instazood

This is an Instagram automation tool whose main function is to increase your number of followers. Once you’ve fed it with all the details of your target audience, this service will follow them, like their posts and comments as well.

Some of its features include:

  • Scheduled posts
  • Multi-account operation
  • Hashtag targeting
  • Countless options to like, follow, unfollow and comment
  • Statistics
  • Free 3 day trial

5. Instavast

This is a recent Instagram bot that has proved to be very useful to thousands of its subscribers. It’s a cloud-based software capable of helping one get many followers organically on IG within a very short time. It works fine with both business and personal profiles.

Instavast operates 24/7 bringing you new leads while you live your life and run other businesses. Some of the duties you can automate includes posting activities, comment, follow, unfollow, like, direct message and many more. Take advantage of the 3-day free trial before to get the hang of the platform.

What message should you send to your leads?

Don’t bore your targeted leads with similar messages they’ve been probably getting from other bloggers. Rather than bait them with an offer and asked them to follow back, you can choose to be a little creative. Here are sample messages to send:

Message 1: What’s up, Olive! A great page you got there; I noticed you mentioned a couple of products we offer in your articles. Should you be interested in taking a look at what we offer, just visit the link in my bio.

Message 2: Hello Ariadne, I browsed through a couple of your articles and I see you’ve got something good going on there. Keep up the good work! If you are interested in getting more views, just check out the pdf in my IG bio link. I’ve studied many Instagram algorithms and have talked about them in the guide. Hope it helps!

Again, the messages above are mere samples. You need to work on your message and ensure it bonds with your audience before calling them to action. You can’t get it right the first time; this game involves a lot of testing and tweaking. Just find out something that works for you.

Quality is important

There should be no exception to the quality of the message content. Your account can only position itself for growth if you provide your readers with value. Use relevant hashtags, optimize your content, use Instagram stories and link up with influencers to spread the word about your site’s existence.

It’s better to run a social media handle with a few high-quality posts than one with hundreds of poorly crafted content. Pixabay and Pexels can provide you with top-grade royalty free images and Canva allows you to play around with them and come up with content that appeals to your audience. Last but not the least, make sure the autopilot software you are using is compliant with all the user policies set up by Instagram so your account doesn’t get blocked for spamming.

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