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Instant IG Likes from Real Users

What makes iDigic unique? You get INSTANT Instagram likes from REAL users. Once your payment is complete, we’ll immediately send likes your way.
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Unrivaled Affordability

Popularity doesn’t have to be expensive.
iDigic is the quickest, most affordable way to get your Instagram account on the radar! We offer the lowest prices online to gain fast Instagram likes. Better yet, the likes you’ll receive will come from real and active accounts, which will maximize your visibility.


100% Authentic Engagement

Our top priority is to provide you with genuine Instagram likes from genuine Instagram users from start to finish. iDigic simply does not tolerate bots, empty accounts, or dummy accounts.
We have a meticulous account monitoring team that regularly checks the authenticity of every account we connect you with, ensuring that you continuously receive top-tier service from our end. Your likes will come from real people, who could potentially become followers or customers!

24 by 7-Customer-Support

24/7 Customer & Live Chat Support

At iDigic, we stand with you every step of the way. We are known for our excellent customer service and that remains our promise. We offer round-the-clock support to all our customers, ready to give updates or resolve any issues, big or small.
Your satisfaction is important to us, that’s why we are committed to give you the support that you deserve.


Drop Guarantee

If you’ve had issues buying Instagram likes from somewhere else in the past, you can deem us different – iDigic is a trusted and reliable brand that helps grow your brand. We guarantee instant likes from active profiles and expect no drops in the number of likes delivered to your account.
If you’re in doubt, just ask our customers.

Reasons to Buy Instagram Likes FAQ

Will buying IG likes help me connect with my target market?

As one of the most popular social media platforms out there, interaction on your Instagram account is something that can push your brand ahead of the competitors. Getting more likes on Instagram is the easiest way to indicate your popularity and follower engagement. With iDigic’s packages, you get a lot of options to elevate your brand’s reputation and marketing strategy. Getting more likes on your Instagram social media account can also let those that follow your brand know that you’re approachable and personable. It’s the ultimate social proof.

Why should you buy Instagram Likes?

Do you have an Instagram account for your business? Are you looking for a convenient way to increase its credibility and visibility? Then you need to think about purchasing Instagram likes. High quality likes not only improve your Instagram engagement rate, but it can also have the potential to increase traffic to your profile and make you popular within a short period of time. You can also consider this as getting a boost for your new Instagram profile by purchasing Instagram likes. You’ll see an improvement in your profile impressions as you’re ranked higher on Instagram’s algorithm. Allow us to be the well kept secret in your Instagram marketing strategy.

Buying Instagram likes is a way to show that you are popular and have many engaged followers. There are numerous reasons why people buy Insta likes. Some want to supplement their organic likes with some iDigic influence to help sell their brand, others just want bragging rights. The main reason for buying Instagram likes is the increase in popularity which can attract a decent number of followers organically.

If I get real likes on instagram with iDigic, will they be tracked?

There are many ways to buy instant Instagram likes. One way is to use a service that provides them for a fee. Some people are concerned that they will be ‘caught-out’ or tracked for purchasing likes. You need not worry, our services are not tracked by Instagram, they appear organic and natural. With iDigic, legit services and genuine likes are what you will be receiving every time.

What are the benefits of purchasing Instagram likes from iDigic?

Buying Instagram likes can be a good way to get more engagement on your posts. It is also a great way to build up your followers and make yourself more popular.

Will my account get banned if I purchase Instagram Likes?

Our service delivers real followers, so you never have to worry about being banned or facing other negative actions. We have a strong record of happy customers who are delighted with our secure and exceptional service.

How long will the likes I have purchased stay on my page?

Generally all likes on your account will remain there permanently. However, if Instagram might remove some of them in a future update (which is very rare to happen), just contact our support for a suitable solution.

What do I do if my likes don’t arrive?

In the unlikely event that you do not receive the number of likes paid for within 24 hours of placing your order, please let us know through our live chat or email so that we can resolve the issue promptly. We are just a few clicks away.

Is this a legitimate method to boost my Instagram accounts?

Unlike other brands, we use verified Instagram accounts to boost your Instagram presence which means that there is practically no risk on your end. We have been doing this for a really long time (we’re marketers who know how to use Instagram), which means we know exactly what it takes to get your posts the likes they deserve without the risk of getting blacklisted. We can get you a large amount of likes safely, with fast delivery and absolutely no fake accounts.

Is this the best place to purchase Instagram likes?

Plenty of websites out there on the internet provide the sale of Instagram likes. However, all of them are not in a position to deliver a truly quality service. That’s where iDigic holds a prominent place in the industry. The likes delivered from our services are from high quality Instagram profiles with display pics and descriptions. Celebrities, bloggers and influencers around the world trust iDigic daily for their Instagram followers, likes and views. If this is your first time buying Instagram likes, give us a try.

What is the difference between purchasing Instagram followers and purchasing Instagram likes?

Buying followers on Instagram is a way of controlling the increase to the number of people who follow your account. It is a common practice among celebrities and influencers who buy followers on Instagram in order to increase their legitimacy in the eyes of their followers – This in turn, hypes their brand moreover.

Buying likes on Instagram, on the other hand, is a way to make your individual posts look more popular as they are an indication of how much interest your post has generated and how many people have engaged with it.

Whether you are buying followers or buying likes, you can be certain that with iDigic that both methods will work to increase engagement with your content. When you buy IG likes, you are not only increasing the visibility but also the engagement.

Do Instagram likes increase engagement rates?

Yes. The feedback from an Instagram like is just as valuable as any other type of social media engagement. Boosting the number of likes on your posts with our real instagram likes packages can aid your profile’s performance against the algorithm.

Why should I buy real IG likes for my Instagram account?

At iDigic, we believe that there are three basic reasons to buy real insta likes:

1. To show off your popularity. The more likes you have, the more popular you appear to be.

2. To increase your engagement rate. If you want to get more likes on your posts, buying likes is a great way to do it!

3. To build up a following for your business or product. When people see that other people are following you and liking what you post, they’ll be more likely to start following themselves!

Is buying likes really worth my money?

By investing in your brand with quality likes, you also invest in your future. iDigic is here to help your brand reach your target audience. Potential clients usually assess a brand’s legitimacy by the number of likes on their posts.

Although there are many ways to achieve this, iDigic is the only Instagram marketing company that will guarantee genuine Instagram likes that anyone can benefit from.

iDigic is committed to providing excellence in customer service, quality products and value for money. When you shop with us, you can be confident that you will receive the highest standard of customer service unlike that of our competitors.

What is the process of buying likes with iDigic?

To buy Instant Instagram likes through iDigic, first, choose from one of our packages. Then you’ll need to provide us with your username and the photos or videos you want to get Instagram likes directed to. We don’t require any passwords so we guarantee a secure service. Once you’ve completed payment, our team will begin working on your order.


Why Choose iDigic for Your Instagram Likes?

There is no one true formula for success, but there are plenty of ways to pave the path toward it. In today’s digital era, building a strong online presence is essential to individuals and businesses alike. From personal branding to business growth, having an impactful virtual identity opens many doors to opportunities – it helps you connect with your target audience, establish credibility, and lays the groundwork for meaningful connections that could possibly translate to real-world impact.

Social media platforms, particularly Instagram, have been a gateway for success to many. It has served as an avenue to showcase ideas, products, and even talents on a global scale. At iDigic, we believe in the power of Instagram and understand the significance of genuine engagement. When it comes to purchasing Instagram likes, we embody the “quality over quantity” ethos.

When you avail of our service, you’re not only buying Instagram likes; you’re investing in your virtual identity. Our guarantee: the likes we will send your way will come from real, active Instagram accounts. Our Instagram likes aren’t just numbers, we want to connect you to real users that may potentially resonate with your content.

No other provider can offer Instagram likes at this level of quality and affordability. At iDigic, we pride ourselves on having the cheapest rates in the market today when it comes to buying Instagram likes. We also offer budget-friendly packages and exciting discounts for bulk orders! You can purchase Instagram likes from us here.

If you’re in doubt, you can ask our customers. We are fully aware of shady companies who claim to sell “real” Instagram likes but either send you likes from bots and empty accounts or simply take your money and give you nothing in return. We are not like that and never will be. We are committed to providing high-quality likes from real users at an affordable price.

If you purchase Instagram likes from iDigic, you will also get these premium offers:
● High-quality likes from real users
● Money back guarantee for up to 30 days if you are not satisfied with our services
● 100% safe and secure checkout process
● 30-day replacement guarantee
● 24/7 customer support

We have been featured by Mashable and many more news sites.

iDigic is the ultimate hub for Instagram likes. Purchase a package from us and take one step closer to a more impactful, influential, and thriving online presence!
Interested in growing your following and post engagement even further? You can also buy Instagram followers from us!

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I had a great experience with iDigic and would strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking for good service and quality. I placed an order for 5000 likes and was extremely satisfied with how fast it was delivered. iDigic Instagram services were provided on time, and the quality was great as usual. This is the best site for Instagram users buying likes. I love it!
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I strongly recommend iDigic to the ones who are looking for high-quality Instagram likes. The services offered are genuine which is sure enough to please anyone. It is an excellent option to grow a new business on social media without wasting much time. After my instant Instagram likes were delivered, I noticed my follower count also went up. Would be great to have automatic Instagram likes too.
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Getting a large number of followers is hard enough, but it’s even more challenging to get your followers to like your posts. Hashtags don’t work the same anymore. iDigic really hits the mark when it comes to delivering high-quality likes. You no longer need to wait around for your followers to like your post—simply buy them using this brilliant service!
Pablo Mann

If you’re looking for high-quality Instagram likes, iDigic is the place to be. These are genuine likes that will boost your profile and bring more people to your page in a short period of time. The service is really fast, and you’ll get your likes in no time!

This website gives you high-quality Instagram likes which have the potential to increase traffic to your profile and make you popular within a short period of time.
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It provides a good alternative for those who want to endorse their start-ups and new businesses quickly without wasting much time and paying a small amount of money.

This is a great service that will help you grow your business. The Price is also good, and you get the likes immediately after purchase.
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Boost Your Instagram Presence By Purchasing Likes

Buying Instagram likes is not a new practice. Big brands, celebrities, and even popular influencers have used it for years and continue to use it as part of their online marketing strategies. That’s no surprise; when you purchase real Instagram likes from a trusted brand, the results will be remarkably impactful.

Instagram is ever-evolving. Influenced by Meta’s updates and shifting user behavior, it constantly introduces new dynamics to better the platform. Between changing trends and new features, the competition among Instagram businesses, celebrities, and influencers has never been higher. Hence, the need to increase engagement rate has also heightened, prompting individuals and businesses to look for creative ways to boost the interactions on their posts.

As a result, many have turned to iDigic to purchase Instagram likes. Why?
Here’s the scoop: Buying likes simply elevates your existing marketing strategies. With a substantial amount of likes on every post, it sends the message to your audience that your brand is credible. This is especially important when you’re a new online business trying to build your brand, increase your followers, or reach out to new customers. The higher the number of likes on your content, the more attractive your profile will be to potential customers.

Remember, these first impressions on Instagram are paramount.
There’s still skepticism about buying Instagram likes. It’s understandable; however, when you study it closely, you’ll find that the pros outweigh the cons. Why wait several months (or years) to grow your followers to reach the amount of engagement you can get at iDigic in an instant?
Take the shortcut. Buying likes effectively expands your reach, exposing your content to a broader audience without too much effort on your part!


Unlock Instagram Growth and Achieve Incredible ROI with iDigic Plans and Packages

Instagram is a very powerful social media platform with unparalleled global reach. It is designed to work wonders for any kind of brand, niche, or industry no matter how big or small. When used with the right strategies, it can catapult your growth quickly and enhance your online presence significantly. One such strategy proven to be effective is buying Instagram likes.

The demand for more Instagram likes and followers is high and competition among brands is tough, but iDigic is here to help you. Should you choose to partner with us to purchase Instagram likes, we guarantee that the likes we will send your way will come from 100% real and active accounts.
We have plenty of ready-made packages and plans available for purchasing Instagram likes, assured to give incredible ROI. Our flexible packages are also designed for businesses of all types and budgets.

When you avail of our service, there are no strings attached – no logins, no passwords, or IG account access is necessary from our end. All we need is your username so we know which account to send the likes to.
With iDigic, Instagram success is just a few clicks away!


Purchasing Instagram Likes: A Strategy for Success

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, simply creating and posting content isn’t enough to make your mark on Instagram. It doesn’t matter how aesthetic, trend-worthy, or relevant your post is; if it doesn’t reach your target audience, there won’t be any results.

Instagram ads are a whole different story. It’s not like you can run an ad and wake up the next day with a thousand new followers. It takes a while to master and learn its ins and outs, without the guarantee of getting a return on your investment. We’re not saying it’s not effective, but if you’re new to the platform and trying to build your brand, time is of the essence. You’ll need a strategy that will give you results fast.

If you’re looking to establish your presence on Instagram, you shouldn’t be afraid to try different methods and tactics that could potentially be beneficial to your brand. A good social media strategy that incorporates various techniques helps improve your stance on the platform in terms of engagement, visibility, and relevance.

A valuable technique that big brands and influencers alike have used is buying Instagram likes. On the platform, likes are almost like a form of currency, fueling the engine of your online presence. If someone likes your post, it means that your content has resonated with them and they’re showing their support.

Likes are considered to be the highest level of engagement and a substantial number of it on a post signifies the post’s relatability as well as the brand’s popularity and the effectiveness of their campaign.
Want to try the strategy that big brands are using? Purchase Instagram likes from iDigic here.

a girl posing for an instagram photo wearing mustrard colours

What Kind of Likes Should You Purchase?

Okay, so you’ve decided to move forward with purchasing Instagram likes to grow your account. Good for you! But where should you buy them? When you search online, you’ll find that there are plenty of options when it comes to providers, individuals, and social media professionals selling Instagram likes. Sadly, there are also quite a lot of scammers.

If you want to get the most out of your hard-earned money, it’s important to choose a professional and reputable company like iDigic. We are a team of social media specialists who have spent years understanding the ever-evolving Instagram algorithm. Our combined knowledge and expertise have allowed us to curate the best package options that we’re confident would work, whether you want to start with a small package with a modest number of likes or achieve a viral impact through a larger package.

Above all, the most critical aspect of buying Instagram likes is the quality of likes. You can easily purchase a package from just about anyone but with no guaranteed return. At iDigic, our likes only come from REAL, ACTIVE, and ORGANIC accounts. Think of them as genuine friends showing appreciation for your post. We also deliver the likes to your account gradually, mimicking organic engagement growth.

If you want to follow a budget, no worries! You can contact us first and we will schedule a free consultation to help you decide which package would be best suited for you. Instagram likes promise results no matter what you choose!


Supercharge Your Online Presence By Buying Instagram Likes

As a brand, a strong online presence is paramount to your success. An active account with a high engagement rate increases the chance of prospective clients finding you and conveys to your existing audience that you are authentic and trustworthy. This is true for all social media platforms, especially Instagram.

Instagram is a dynamic platform that has been a gateway for success for countless brands and individuals over the years. If you have an influential Instagram profile, you can stay ahead in a competitive online world.

One such way to make your mark on the platform is to invest in Instagram likes. The more likes you get from the content you share, the bigger the audience you reach and the bigger the exposure. If you purchase Instagram likes from iDigic, you will receive engagement from fellow users (not bots!) which can significantly amplify the number of people engaging on your posts.

We hear your concern and totally understand your reservations. Many of our clients felt the same way in the beginning. Will buying likes lead to my Instagram account getting banned? The answer is no. It’s worth noting that even major corporations and famous influencers who work with seasoned social media strategists buy likes on Instagram as part of their internet branding strategies.
iDigic offers this guarantee: Your purchase of likes will not hinder your growth on Instagram nor lead to a banned profile. Since we only work with 100% real profiles and deliver the likes using a consistent time plan, whatever results you get will only be beneficial to your brand and your brand’s online presence.

two girls on an adventure taking an insta-worthy snap

Why Investing in Quality Paid Instagram Likes Matters for Your Brand

Everybody wants to be popular on Instagram. With the competition being so high, many have resorted to chasing viral fame. Sadly, it’s not as easy as it sounds – as there is no magic formula to achieving success on the platform. True success on Instagram is not about fleeting moments of fame; it’s about having an impactful, long-lasting influence that doesn’t stop growing.

At iDigic, that’s exactly what we help our clients to achieve. When you buy Instagram likes from us, we’re not looking to give you a temporary boost, we’re aiming to help strengthen your social media presence and increase your organic engagement over time.

The truth is that you can buy Instagram likes from many other providers. However, we cannot guarantee that you’ll receive quality likes as many of the likes they provide come from bots, empty profiles, or fake profiles. This can hinder your organic engagement and growth. On the other hand, if you purchase from iDigic, you can have peace of mind knowing that the likes your posts will get are genuine and 100% real.

The quality likes that we will provide you will give you the initial boost you need to encourage your profile visitors aka your potential customers to engage with your brand. If they see that your posts have a substantial number of likes, it gives them the impression that you’re one of those “quality brands”. If they deem you a quality brand, they won’t hesitate to spend money on you.

FACT: In this digital age, customers initially judge a brand based on their following and the number of likes on posts.

Remember, first impressions matter immensely online. Brands that have strong initial impressions tend to win trust over cheaper alternatives. More importantly, such brands have higher chances of working with celebrities and influencers, amplifying their visibility to an even wider audience.
At iDigic, our mission is to help you get seen by your target audience as one of the quality brands by increasing likes and engagement on your posts. We are the only Instagram marketing brand that can provide you with TOP QUALITY LIKES.
The moment you purchase a package from us, we will be in on your success every step of the way.


Buying Likes for Instagram: What You Should Know

Contrary to popular belief, purchasing Instagram likes won’t make you popular overnight. Building and growing your following organically takes time and effort. However, buying Instagram likes offers plenty of benefits that can help you achieve your goals faster.

Boosting your Instagram likes through iDigic causes a positive chain reaction. Since we only send genuine likes from real users, your content will be exposed to a wider audience. What you post may even resonate with some of these likers and their followers, potentially increasing your engagement for future posts. As a result, your reach is amplified and your online presence is amplified.

Buying Instagram likes from us is simple, straightforward, and safe. All you have to do is go to our website, choose a package/number of likes you want to receive, check out, and then wait for the likes to arrive. We do not need access to your account nor we will ask for your password; we only require your Instagram username so we know where to send the likes and which post they will go to.
It won’t take long before you witness a boost in your post’s engagement levels!


How to Grow Your Instagram Account: 5 Quick Tips When Buying Likes

We’ve already established that purchasing likes for your Instagram posts helps pave the way to having a strong online presence on the platform. However, it takes a substantial amount of time and effort before one can truly say that they’ve achieved the sustainable popularity that everyone is aiming for. In the meantime, you can try some organic approaches as you slowly but surely make your journey to that level of success.

Here are a few tips when buying Instagram likes:

  1. Prioritize quality over quantity: When looking for Instagram likes providers, it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option available. But “cheap” doesn’t always equate to “budget-friendly” because you often don’t get value for the money you spend. Choose an affordable provider that offers quality service instead of a dirt-cheap source that will give you nothing in return.
  2. Beware of scammers: Sadly, scammers abound in this industry. Many offer too-good-to-be-true packages of Instagram likes but often just result in an influx of fake accounts that won’t engage with your page or produce any value for your business. Doing research and reading customer reviews will help you gauge whether a provider is legitimate or not.
  3. Choose a reliable source: If you’re going to spend money on likes, you might as well spend it wisely. iDigic is a trusted Instagram marketing brand and a reputable source of likes and followers. We only connect our clients to real users who will genuinely engage with their content. Our customers can vouch for the real, quality likes that we send their way!
  4. Focus on engagement rates: The ratio between your followers and likes matters more than you know. Profile visitors notice things like this. If your account has many followers and very few likes or a low engagement rate, it can impact the way your potential customers see your brand. After purchasing likes, be sure to engage with your audience to strike the right balance!
  5. Post consistently: Maintain a regular posting schedule so your brand remains on your followers’ radar. Keep your content fresh and relevant and be sure to keep your audience engaged by responding to comments, replying to messages, and interacting with your followers’ content. Word of mouth and genuine connections encourage organic growth.


The iDigic Difference: A New Standard in Instagram Likes

New brands, businesses, individuals, and influencers from different industries choose Instagram as their first platform to do promotions, advertising, as well as audience reach and engagement. That’s because the power of Instagram is unbeatable. A study has revealed that Instagram users are 58 times more likely to like, comment, or share content compared to Facebook. Instagram outshines any other social media network when it comes to active users who spend a lot of time on the app.
With the competition on the platform so high, the demand for Instagram likes purchase services is growing inevitably. It is crucial that you select the right service, as it can significantly impact your social media presence and can lead to unwanted consequences if not done correctly. More often than not, selecting the cheapest option does more harm than good – and you don’t want that especially early on in building your brand.

You’ll have endless options of providers selling Instagram likes online. Sadly, only a select few can truly provide real quality likes. And out of those select few, we are the only company that offers affordable package options without hidden charges or fees.
This is the iDigic difference: we don’t only provide you with quality likes at budget-friendly prices, but we are also in on your success. The moment you purchase a package from us, our support team will be available to assist you every step of the way!

We also guarantee that you’ll have a smooth buyer experience when you purchase Instagram likes from iDigic – all you need to do is select a package, complete your payment, provide us with your Instagram username, and then wait for your likes to come!

The iDigic Team is composed of social media specialists who have dedicated years getting to know the ins and outs of Instagram and its algorithm. We know how likes from bot accounts and fake profiles can hinder an account’s organic growth and reach, that’s why we exclusively use 100% real and active accounts and deliver the likes in a consistent manner to avoid raising suspicion from Instagram.

Our clientele grows by the day. However, we remain committed to meeting the individual needs and requests of our customers. Our support team is available 24/7 to assist customers, from free consultations to analyzing the perfect package that will best suit their needs.

You can expect nothing less than high-quality service when you choose iDigic. The services we provide are guaranteed to help you achieve your desired goals whether it’s better engagement, enhanced visibility, increased number of followers, or greater profits.
Your success is our priority. Buy a package from us and experience the iDigic difference!


We Offer 100% Real Likes – Absolutely No Bots!

You’ve probably heard that Instagram recently updated its security settings to filter out artificial activities. Many have been wondering whether our services have been affected by this change and the simple answer is… no. We’re not even the least worried because we don’t use bots or any other artificial means.

We are witnesses to how social media paved the way for success for countless individuals and businesses by facilitating their worldwide growth. And that is our aim for our customers – we serve as your first step to success by connecting you with potential clients, fans, and followers, and we achieve this without the use of bots!

We pride ourselves on the fact that our Instagram likes come from real Instagram users who use the platform on a daily basis. They’re real people with active accounts and real followers who are interested in your content. This means that even when you receive an unusually high number of likes or followers, your account activity won’t raise any suspicions and your profile won’t get flagged. On top of the genuine engagement you’ll get from these users, we also send the likes within a strategic timeframe that mimics organic growth – this ensures that your account stays in good standing and in line with Instagram’s regulations.

We know that bot accounts don’t do anyone good, that’s why our services are expertly crafted to maintain authenticity.


Why Buying Instagram Likes Makes Sense: Top 5 Advantages and Benefits

There are 2 main ways for a brand to organically increase its engagement and number of followers on Instagram. The first way is to create a good content development plan and strategy, and the other way is to pay for Instagram Ads. While both are good options, they both have drawbacks; especially if you’re new to the platform. The first option is a lengthy process that can take several months to years, while the second option can be quite expensive and does not promise results.

Buying Instagram likes offers a middle ground – giving you a competitive edge in a short amount of time at a reasonable cost. Your profile visitors are more likely to believe that your content is valuable when they see that your posts have a high number of likes. This will encourage them to interact with your post, resulting in organic engagement. Just remember to stay active and keep publishing fresh and relevant content while receiving your likes.

Let’s look at the advantages and benefits of purchasing likes for your Instagram posts:

Increases Brand Visibility

Buying Instagram likes helps establish your online visibility with a great first impression. Having a high number of likes on your posts will result in more people seeing your content, reaching an audience beyond your current following. The more people that see your content, the higher your chance of gaining new followers. The improved visibility may also lead to more people interacting with your posts, which could result in an increase in Instagram reels views, sales and conversions for your business.

Improves Optimization

When Instagram’s algorithm recognizes that your posts are getting more likes and engagement, they will show their support by ranking you higher on their search engine results. This means when users search for certain terms related to your content, you appear first in the results. When this happens, expect to have new followers and more organic engagement coming your way!

Reduces Advertising Costs

Let’s face it, advertising costs can be costly. If you’re a new brand trying to establish your roots, chances are, you don’t have the budget to spare for expensive campaigns. You’ll need all the exposure you can get and buying Instagram likes is a great alternative. Instead of shelling out money for ads, you can focus on growing your online presence through increasing your likes and post engagement.

Establishes Social Proof

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people tend to do something when they see many others doing it. For example, if someone is initially having doubts about availing your service, they will ultimately go ahead and purchase your product when they see that your profile has a high number of followers.
When people see that you have a high number of likes on your posts, it creates a sense of social proof which will encourage others to follow you. Profile visitors will want to see what the fuss is all about and would want to engage with you since so many others are liking your posts. This leads to even more interaction with your content!

Builds Credibility

If there’s one thing that new businesses need that will open doors to more opportunities, it’s credibility. Credible brands never stop attracting attention, engagement, and profits. And if there’s one thing that all credible brands have in common, it’s high levels of engagement on their posts!


How the High or Low Number of Likes and Followers Impact Your Brand

On Instagram, engagement is defined by how users react to the content you post. You will know how well you connect with your audience by calculating your Instagram engagement rate. Up until recently, we have gauged the performance of a post just by looking at how many likes it garnered. The more likes a post got, the better we regarded it to be.

Instagram engagement rate varies from one account to another. Smaller accounts with about 1,000-3,000 followers will exhibit a relatively high engagement rate (about 10-15%). However, as the account grows, the engagement rate decreases. Accounts with a high follower count usually have an engagement rate of 2-5%.

For this very reason, increasing the number of your Instagram likes can significantly boost your overall interaction rate. Increased engagement is favored by the Instagram algorithm and will show support for your account by expanding your reach, possibly even place you on their “Explore Page”. Purchasing likes on Instagram will provide you with incredible ROI.
On the other hand, a low like count on posts sends the message to potential customers that the brand, product, or service is less valuable and not worth a try. This can negatively impact a brand’s credibility and online presence.

We understand that many brands want to grow organically. We suggest that you purchase Instagram likes initially and create a great first impression, then focus on a consistent content strategy to continue attracting organic likes.