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If you want to increase brand strength, you need more Instagram views on your Instagram brand page. The quickest way is to buy Instagram views which will be credited instantly to your account increasing your brand reputation and social proof.

Quickest Delivery Of Genuine Instagram Views On iDigic!

News 24 July 2024:

Instagram Views are working well again after the update on 18 April.

Current start-time: 0-8 minutes. Delivery speed: ±8,000 views per hour.

Instagram Likes with instant delivery can be purchased for videos as well.

Why we are the Best!


Views on Instagram can improve your brand’s engagement numbers. When you buy Instagram views you get more engagement on your profile which means more reputation. Instagram views are a good metric to measure your success.


We are the first ones!

Instagram launched this new feature called “Instagram Video Views” in February 2016. We have this service available since the beginning of March, which makes us the first company online offering this service.

We always do our best to stay on top of updates and are therefore the quickest, easiest and most reliable source for your Instagram needs. With instant delivery (max 30 seconds after payment), this is definitely the fastest delivery time out there! Our servers are online 24/7, so there are no wait-times, anytime.


Why should I buy Instagram Views?

Nowadays, if you have Videos on Instagram, it will display a view counter. This shows how many people have watched your videos. Loops count as just 1 view. The view counter is not (yet) available on the Instagram web version, but it does display inside the mobile application.

It is a feature that Instagram released in February 2016. Only Instagram Videos show views, not photos. A video’s view count shows the views from within the mobile Instagram app, thus not from the desktop (web). View counts only show up on Instagram videos that are uploaded after 19 November 2015.


Get more views for increased engagement for your brand

Are you struggling to get enough views on your page? Are you worried that some of your best posts are not being viewed by your target audience? Considering that there are millions of Instagram accounts today, getting views shouldn’t really be a problem. However, because the amount of new content on Instagram refreshes on a second-to-second basis, it’s impossible for all of that content to be viewed simultaneously. Hence, the problem of insufficient views can hamper your brand’s reputation and also affect its credibility. A page that has a large number of views is generally considered a popular brand that can be trusted, because so many people considered its content good enough to view. Step one is to create engaging and unique content that truly reflects the values and USPs of your brand. Step two is to ensure that your views are sufficient enough to reap the intended results of such content.

Not just that, more views can also translate into more brand recognition and presence. If you’re looking to position your brand in a digital market and distinguish yourself from your competitors, then you will have to generate more views on your posts, and that number must see an increase with time. Now, instead of wasting a lot of time waiting for your views to generate organically, you could take a proactive step forward and buy your Instagram views. This is a completely safe process that shows results in just a matter of minutes, and your views will increase without fail. How well your brand performs on a dynamic platform like social media has a lot to do with how many people are actually viewing and being impacted by the content you put out there. There are brands that have risen to fame in a matter of days, simply because their viewership and followers had also increased in a very short span of time.

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I’m not new to using iDigic website and have purchased multiple packages for both likes and followers. But buying views for Instagram videos is something new to me which I haven’t tried in the past. So out of curiosity, I bought a package for my personal Instagram account which was delivered within 15 – 20 minutes after making the payment. Thanks, iDigic for your excellent service.
Cherlyn Tow


Last week, I came to know about iDigic through one of my friends who purchased Instagram views from them with great satisfaction. So I thought of giving it a try for my business Instagram account. The site was user-friendly which made me buy a package without any difficulties. is an easy to use website, and I’m sure to use their services again.
Tori Mcivor


At the start of this month, I placed an order for 500 views which was available at a reasonable price on the iDigic website. Within a few minutes, the view count on my Instagram video started to increase gradually. I’m very satisfied with their overall service, and I’d partner with them in the future as well. Thanks!
Arletta Hankinson


I have bought video views from several websites before, but they never seem to work for my Instagram account. The video views, I purchased from iDigic are more reliable while helped me to reach a wide range of people. I’m looking forward to buy other services from to see what they are like. My experience with iDigic has been tremendous, and I’d definitely recommend them.
Alecia Crowell

★★★★★ offer reliable services which are suitable for almost everyone’s budget. With this website, you can get instant views for your Instagram videos which allows you to reach more people. This service is an excellent option for people like me to get Instagram views in quick time. iDigic helped me out in every step and remained faithful to their words. Thanks a lot!
Laquita Gault


I have used other service providers in the market to acquire Instagram views. But nothing came closer to the quality of services provided by iDigic. This site usually takes about 10 – 20 minutes to deliver the orders. Thank you for your high quality services. I’m sure, I’ll be buying from you once again
Catina Pine
a man looking over his shouloder. A post for more instagram views

It is Easy To Buy Instagram Live Views Instantly!

With iDigic, you can buy them in bulk for a fraction of the price required from other online sellers. You can also buy them for individual posts or for multiple depending on your needs. Buying Instagram views is an excellent way to attract more people to your account.

You do not have to be an influencer or celebrity in order to get many views on Instagram. There are many people who have managed to get millions of views by buying them from iDigic.

The One Thing You Need to Know Before Buying Instagram Live Views and Video Views

If you are going to invest in this service, set yourself up for success. First make sure that your video will be clear, in focus and engaging. A low quality video that isn’t interesting or engaging just isn’t going to take off.

Buying live views and opting to buy Instagram video views is a great way to increase the popularity of your account. It will also help you reach a wider audience. Typically we see that live videos are more engaging than regular videos, and they get more views overall between those you purchase with us and those you receive organically.

If you want to attract a large audience and make your account stand out, then to buy IG live views from iDigic is the best option for you. It will help you gain popularity and increase the appeal of your content on Instagram in no time.

What are Instagram Views and Why Should You Care?

Instagram is a social media platform that has been growing in popularity. It has become the go-to place for people to post their photos and videos for both personal reasons and also for monetisation.

So, it’s no surprise that people are looking for ways to increase their Instagram views. The more views your posts have, the more popular you appear on Instagram. This will translate into more followers and new opportunities for your business or brand.

Getting your post to appear on the top of social media pages can be a struggle. You may not know what days provide the most traffic, or how to use hashtags to increase engagement. The goal of iDigic is to have that taken care of on your behalf.

a man looking over his shouloder. A post for more instagram views

Why Worry About Instagram View Counts?

The Instagram algorithm is a big deal, as it determines what posts are seen in a user’s feed. If you’re not getting enough views on your posts, your content will be pushed to the bottom of the list. This is where iDigic’s quality instagram view packages can assist.

The algorithms are designed to show users content that they’ll like and want to engage with. The more engagement your posts get, the higher they will rank on Instagram feeds.
Algorithms are the backbone of social media. The algorithm is a set of rules and instructions that govern how content is ordered on a platform. Instagram has an algorithm that decides what will appear on your feed, who you see posts from, and what order these posts will be in.

The Instagram algorithm works to ensure that people find the content they want to see most often. It does this by analyzing the interactions a person has with other users’ posts, as well as their own interactions with other users’ posts.

Buying Instagram Views and Increasing Your Popularity on Social Media

Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos. Instagram has always aimed to be a fun and less-serious social media site compared to its competitors.

The popularity of Instagram has risen dramatically in recent years, especially with the introduction of Instagram Stories. This feature has been met with much success and has become one of the most popular features on the app showing integrations with Facebook and also vying for the Tik Tok-crazy audiences.

Buying Instagram views is a relatively new phenomenon, but it is quickly gaining popularity. There are many reasons why people buy these views, such as, to boost their popularity or to make themselves appear more famous than they actually are which can in turn attract a following via the appealing number of views on a post.

What You Need To Know About Buying Instagram Views

Buying Instagram views is simple. The first step is to find a reputable company online that allows you to buy Instagram views. iDigic offers a number of different packages (see above). The next step is to choose the package that suits your needs and budget and make the payment for it. Once your payment has been processed, iDigic will genuinely perform and deliver the views as the top notch service you have paid for.

You can buy just as many views as you want from viewers who are interested in your product or service and will watch your videos without skipping them or closing them out after a few seconds like bots do on YouTube for example.

insta views preview

Understanding the Importance of Instagram Video Views Online

iDigic wants every user to understand the importance of “views”. An Instagram video without views is like a tree without leaves. It’s not complete.
A video has to be seen to get noticed. And, as the saying goes, “seeing is believing”. Video views are important because they represent the popularity of your video and show how many people have watched it.

More views means more exposure for your content and more engagement with your followers. With the help of iDigic, video views will also help you rank higher on the Instagram feed and attract more followers who are interested in what you post.


Why Investing in Instagram Views is Worth It

Instagram is worth the investment because of its popularity. It has millions of monthly active users and is growing at a rapid rate. It has become a major social media platform for brands, businesses, and influencers to market themselves.

The popularity of Instagram has led to an increase in the number of advertisers on the platform as well as in the number of businesses using it for marketing purposes. This means that there are more opportunities for brands to use it as a marketing tool and there are more opportunities for influencers to make money with Instagram brand partnerships. This reputation means that your ideal clientele knows that they can flock here to see the latest trends for the topics they are interested in. You’ll want your brand front and center here – all the more reason for you to check out a package from iDigic.


The Benefits of Buying Instagram Views – We’ll Help You Make the Right Decision

If you are a beginner or a veteran in the Instagram marketing world, you know how important it is to have a good number of followers on your account. It not only helps you grow your business but also makes your posts appear popular and increases their visibility to more people.

Many people are wondering what the benefits are of buying Instagram views. For starters, it can help you to get more likes and followers. But there is a lot more to it than that. It also gives you the opportunity to build your reputation as an influencer in the world of social media.

Buying Instagram views from iDigic is a great way to increase your credibility and make yourself more attractive for potential sponsorships, collaborations or clients. The key is to buy from a reputable provider that delivers quality service at an affordable price like iDigic.


Start Buying Your Own View Count for Increased Traffic And Engagement Today!

Many advertisers are looking to increase their traffic and engagement. They know that the more views they get, the more money they make.
iDigic provides genuine users to help you attain your goals. You need not to worry if your videos are seen by enough people. Buying your view account in iDigic is handy and an asset to your social media marketing strategy.

FAQs for Buying Instagram Views

Does buying Instagram views increase traffic overnight?

Yes. Buying Instagram views can increase traffic overnight. With your quality content and a package from iDigic, people will become interested in what you are posting. Buying Instagram views from iDigic will expose your content to a wider audience by working with the algorithm to increase your reach to a larger market or audience.

How many views can I purchase at a time?

There is no limit to how many views you can purchase. You can buy as many views as your budget allows. We recommend spreading them among a number of recent posts and then continuing this pattern as you release more posts consecutively.

Is it legal to buy Instagram views?

The Instagram views industry has been around for a while, but is it legal?

The answer is yes. It is not illegal to buy Instagram views. However, there are some things that you should be careful about.

Some less-reputable companies might try to sell you fake likes, followers and views in order to make the numbers they deliver to you look bigger than they actually are. These are typically from bot-accounts which will not look favorably for you on your account as they provide minimal quality engagement.

That’s why you should always be careful when buying instagram views, followers and likes online. With iDigic and its genuine services and packages, you can be assured that no strikes or flags will occur on your account when purchasing views. We offer only top quality-real Instagram views for your posts.

Why is buying Instagram views important?

There are many reasons as to why people might want to buy Instagram views. The most common reason is that they want their posts to be seen by more people, and for them to be able to grow their following.

When you buy IG views, you get a lot of benefits. You will get more exposure on the platform, and your posts will be seen by a lot more people. This can help you grow your following and make it easier for you to reach new customers.

What are the benefits of buying Instagram views?

Social media has become a major part of our lives. With the rapid growth of social media, platforms like Instagram have become increasingly popular. Instagram is an online photo-sharing and social networking service that allows users to share photos and videos either publicly or privately. People can also use Instagram to keep up with friends and family members on their favorite social media platform.

Because of this, we can leverage the platform’s popularity for the benefit of monetisation for brands, influencers and businesses alike. Buying Instagram views enables you to tap into the algorithm and show your content to the masses.