Instagram has come up with several features over the years and these are improving themselves and also the user experience with each update. Now each feature creates its own trend and the platform itself has become the lifestyle of many of us. This means that we live, share and like based on the platform and for the platform.

Let’s check out these features that changed the platform and also our lives. While it was firstly focused on image sharing, the Stories after Snapchat, IGTV format similar to Youtube’s long videos along with options of live video sharing and saving it as a post, has changed the platform into a multi-tasking social media management system for both individuals and businesses.

Now the platform has over a billion users and everyone uses it as a habit. You can connect with others, create content, try to get famous, create your business account and sell your product- bottomline, the options are almost endless.
Instagram is also ideal for promoting your business, product or service by using paid ads that the platform itself offers and also you can take the advantage of organic growth and its viral effect once you achieve it. Especially businesses use location-based ads for Stories and also feed content to reach more audience and hence, more conversions. So, among these brilliant features, one of them is Instagram notes. You may have noticed it in your DM section but even if not, let’s check out this feature.


What are Instagram Notes?

Instagram acts as the most popular social media app for individuals living worldvwide, and it is used for sharing news, updates, messaging, communicating with close friends, family, workfriends or long-distance friends.
Each of Instagram’s added features correspond to different specific purposes, such as the introduction of Instagram Insights to allow people to use data to fuel their marketing strategies on Instagram.

IG Notes, on the other hand, is a newly added feature in the Instagram app that allows you to post short messages to your followers who you follow back or to your friends that are in the “Close Friends” list.
They are a great way to provide context of your day or your feelings, but make sure that you don’t exceed the maximum length of 60 characters or you’ll risk having your note cut off.
The Instagram Notes feature is similar to the Stories feature, as both will disappear after 24 hours. However, while Stories are more like a digital scrapbook or diary of your life, Notes are meant to be text-form posts.

So, you can use this way of messaging to attract attention, say hello to your followers, or highlight your message in a different way to make sure no one misses it. Because sometimes stories and feed posts can get lost in other sharings while Instagram notes pop up in the direct messages section and draw quite a lot of attention from people.


How to Use Instagram Notes?

Are you excited to use the Instagram Notes?
You can use this new feature to gain more attention of your followers and utilize it as a novel way to convey your messages to your audience.

Here is a quick guide on how to use Instagram notes:

  1. The first step to create an Instagram Note is that you must log in through the Instagram app or create an Instagram account if you don’t have one.
  2. After signing in to your account, go to your inbox as usually do – follow the DM icon on the top right.
  3. Now at the top of your DM messages, you will see a note area and it navigates you as + Leave a Note.
  4. Write your thoughts, feelings, or anything else you’d like to share. Then choose who to share with and click Share to publish your post.

And voila! You have now published your first ever Instagram Note with just these few and simple steps!
Since you are now knowledgable about using new Instagram Notes, it is time to practice a bit and find your voice to utilize it in the best way possible. You may choose to share the name of your new puppy or announcing the launch date for your new products or services, in any case, you can use it as an announcement board to attract attention of your followers.


Why Use Instagram Notes?

Although Instagram Notes have very limited characters, it will make you be creative in a way that you have to sum up the ideas you are planning to post using Notes. This feature is good for those who want to express themselves more through words but don’t have enough time to write long stories on their posts.

Notes are also great for those who want short and sweet messages with a few words of encouragement or inspiration. They are useful for communicating with your followers, but they don’t come with notifications the way Instagram Stories do.
IG Notes are a great way to share what’s on your mind, but they are also being used for other purposes. People are using them to announce new products, share important news and information, and post complaints about Instagram Notes itself.
If you have not yet seen Instagram Notes on your app, it may be because the feature is still being rolled out in your region or you may forgot the update the app in your device.

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