RazorianFly.com Acquired by iDigic

Why is it an exciting move for iDigic to acquire Razorian Fly?

When iDigic announced that they had acquired Razorian Fly, the online marketing world took notice. iDigic is a leading provider of premium Instagram services, and with Razorian Fly’s expertise in iPhone and MAC news, the two entities are a perfect match.

The acquisition will allow iDigic to better serve their clients by providing up-to-date information on all things iPhone and MAC. This will include trend updates, app reviews, and even marketing advice. For businesses looking to reach out to an iPhone or MAC audience, this is a huge advantage.

iDigic has always been known for its high-quality services, and this acquisition only strengthens their position as a leader in the Instagram Marketing industry. Read on, Instagram marketers, business owners, and influencers, to learn why these changes will help us to improve our amazing services for you.


What does it mean for iDigic’s ability to deliver amazing service? How can the merger with Razorian Fly improve iDigic’s capabilities in Instagram marketing?

Razorian Fly, the iPhone and Mac news and magazine website, has merged with Instagram marketing company iDigic. This merger will allow iPhone and Mac users to access iDigic’s capabilities in Instagram marketing, which is a huge value-add for the company.

As one of the premier iPhone and Mac news sources, Razorian Fly has a massive audience that can now be marketed to through iDigic’s channels. This move will also benefit iDigic as it gives them a way to reach a new audience that may not have been aware of their services before.

With Razorian Fly’s help, iDigic can continue to grow its business and provide amazing service to its iPhone and MAC clients in Instagram Marketing and Business Owners.


What is RazorianFly?

RazorianFly was a popular iPhone and Mac news website that provided cutting-edge coverage of the latest apps, software updates, and product releases. The site was known for its in-depth reviews and insightful analysis, and it quickly became a go-to source for iPhone and Mac users looking to stay up-to-date on the latest industry news.

In addition to its news coverage, RazorianFly also published regular columns and features on a variety of topics related to iPhone and Mac use. While the site is no longer active, its archives remain a valuable resource for those interested in keeping up with the latest developments in the world of the iPhone and Mac.


Keep up with the most recent Apple release.

Thanks to our dedicated team, Apple fans and curious onlookers alike can rest assured that they will always be up-to-date on the latest releases and changes to Apple’s product line-up. Apple is constantly innovating and updating their existing products, and we will make sure that you are always aware of any new features or changes. Whether you’re interested in Apple’s latest iPhone release or want to know what new MAC games are worth checking out, we will keep you informed so that you can make the most informed decisions about your Apple products.


The Hottest Apps to Help You with Your Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. By connecting with your target audience and promoting your products or services, you can reach a wider audience and improve your bottom line.

However, Instagram’s features are not always enough to advance your business goals. That’s where Instagram applications come in. By using Instagram apps, you can get more out of your Instagram account and achieve your marketing objectives.

There are a variety of Instagram apps available, each with their own unique set of features. But which ones are right for you? To find out, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are your marketing objectives?
  • What features do you need to achieve those objectives?
  • And which Instagram apps offer those features?


Once you’ve answered those questions, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect Instagram app for your business:


VSCO is one of the most popular Instagram apps, with more than 205 million Instagram posts using #VSCO. What makes VSCO so popular? One of the things that sets it apart is the 10 free preset filters that make phone images look like film. For example, the filters can add contrast, saturation, grain, crop, and skew. VSCO members can access more than 200 preset filters and advanced photo-editing tools. This makes it a great option for Instagram users who want to edit their photos before posting them.


Hootsuite is a popular app that lets users monitor their Instagram. The app also provides valuable insights into Instagram reach, engagement rates, and follower growth. Additionally, Hootsuite allows users to schedule Instagram posts for later publishing, making it an essential tool for social media content calendar planning. Finally, the app provides a competitive edge by letting users track their competitors’ Instagram content and hashtags. In short, Hootsuite is a complete set of tools for Instagram that helps users get the most out of the app.

Repost for Instagram

This app lets you republish other users’ photos and videos, with attribution, so you can give credit where it’s due. You can also make comments before sharing, which is a great way to start a conversation with new followers. So if you’re looking for a way to find and share Instagram content, Repost for Instagram is a great option.


Razorian Fly Acquired by iDigic to Better Serve You

iDigic is excited to announce that it has acquired Razorian Fly, a popular iPhone and Mac news website that provided cutting-edge coverage of the latest apps, software updates, and product releases. With this purchase, iDigic will be able to offer its customers a more complete set of Instagram services, which will help it serve its customers better.

iDigic and Razorian Fly share a commitment to quality and customer service, and this acquisition will allow iDigic to provide even better service to its customers. The acquisition of Razorian Fly will allow iDigic to provide a more comprehensive suite of Instagram services supported by Apple products and apps that are suited for iPhone-user Instagram marketers and businesses to better deliver their brand services and reach their customers.

iDigic is committed to quality and customer service, and this purchase will help us serve our premium customers better with our top of the line services:


This means that we will now be able to offer our clients the latest and greatest Apple products to help them with their Instagram marketing needs. In addition, we will also be able to offer a variety of apps that can help you with your Instagram marketing to make it always on trend and always using the best of what Apple can offer you to reach your audience on Instagram.

iDigic is a provider of premium followers, video views, and likes to help grow your presence on Instagram. We are committed to helping our clients succeed in their social media marketing goals, and this merger will only help us to better serve our clients and provide them with the tools they need to be successful.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business with our new and improved services.


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Best apps to use for Instagram Posts

Instagram was originally launched in 2010 as an iPhone app. Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media platform owned by Facebook. Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users. The Instagram app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. Instagram allows users to upload photos and videos, apply digital filters to them, and share them on the Instagram website or other social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. Users can also like, comment on, and share other users’ photos and videos. Instagram is also popular for its short-form videos and long form videos. We recommend some of this great apps to give you a boost on your instagram marketing.



It is a robust social media planner compared to other apps. It can cross-post content on different platforms. Adding these options can complicate Instagram if you merely want to plan your feed.

The iphone app has a simple and elegant interface. The main screen contains a grid of images, and you can tap on each image to edit it. You can also add filters, text, and hashtags Later also allows you to schedule posts in advance and track your analytics. Overall, Later is a great option for those who need an all-in-one solution for managing their social media accounts.



It is a leading iPhone app for content planning and drafting. The app interface is well-designed and user-friendly. Many users will adore the content calendar planning option, which allows them to mark important dates and make comments about planned content. This functionality and the image placeholder function allow you to draft a post without a picture. The app also has a web version with the same features, which work well together. Overall, Planoly is a great app for content planning and drafting for both individuals and businesses.



It is a powerful iPhone app that lets you edit photos like a pro. It works with both JPG and RAW images, giving you the ability to make significant adjustments to your photos. With 29 different tools and functions, Snapseed gives you a lot of control over how your photos look. You can remove elements from the photo, alter the shape of buildings, apply curves to manage brightness, and much more. With its wide range of features, Snapseed is an essential tool for anyone who wants to take their photography to the next level.

For iPhone and MAC users, Instagram marketing will now be easier than ever before. With this new partnership, you’ll be able to take advantage of Instagram’s massive user base and reach a whole new audience. In addition, Instagram marketing for business and influencers will be more streamlined and efficient. This is a win-win for both Instagram and Apple users. So get ready to take your Instagram marketing to the next level!