10 Solid Reasons Why the Instagram World Loves Us

Reason #1:

We are top-ranked on Google:

Our website appears in the top 3 searches on the very first page of Google for the keywords “buy Intagram followers” and “buy Instagram likes.” So, not only Instagram users, but Google too prefers iDigic over our competitors.

Reason #2:

An established brand:

We are the most popular Instagram service providers on the Internet having featured on finance.yahoo.com, news.websitegear.com, news9, prnewswire, heraldonline, thestreet, itnewsonline, istockanalyst, myfoxwausau, nbc12, and several other reputable sites.

Reason #3:

High-quality followers and likes:

Our followers and likes are real-looking. There is a lot of difference between machine-generated followers and human followers. Which one do you prefer? Will you pay for fake followers or real (looking) followers? You decide!

Reason #4:

Inexpensive packages:

Our packages are inexpensive, and offer great value for your money. Try our starter package at just $2.95 for 100 followers/likes. Or order 5000 followers/likes for $39.95 and see the change in the way people see you as a brand.

Reason #5:

Increased brand reputation:

Put yourself in your customers shoes and ask yourself, will you go with a brand with 50 followers or one with 20,000+ followers? Our followers and likes are designed to boost your brand reputation in just a matter of few hours, which will convert into more sales and profit for your company.

Reason #6:

More traffic and higher ranking in Google:

It’s proven that brands with more followers and likes gain more attention on social media. We are glad, since ordering our packages, most of our customers have reported an enormous increase in their web traffic and they’ve gained higher ranking in Google as well. We do get testimonials very frequently.

Reason #7:

Trigger active participation:

Once you get the desired number of followers and likes from us, you will soon notice that real Instagram users will start following you. Our services have triggered active participation from genuine users, and completely transformed the fate of so many brands.

Reason #8:

Tax deduction:

If Instagram campaigning is a part of your company’s marketing expenses, then our tax slash is a great way to save some money for your other promotions.

Reason #9:

Split accounts –

If you purchase more than 10,000 followers/likes, then we will give you the extra option to split your count between two accounts. Shop 1,00,000+ followers, and you have the luxury to split your count among up to 15 accounts. This could be highly beneficial if you are promoting one or more of your websites.

For obvious reasons, iDigic is your best source for instant social media fame and success.