Have you ever wondered how to make your Instagram photos look better from the competition? Did you ever brainstorm on why your competitors are getting way more Instagram likes on their posts than you do? It probably has something to do with the quality or design of your posts.

Although everyone has the same filters and many great photographers, elevating your Instagram isn’t hard. Also, you don’t need fancy equipment, either. You just need proper tips and techniques to make your photos look stunning.

Mastering depth of field and experimenting with pro-level filters are great ways for serious photographers wanting to take their Instagram feed to the next level or even people using a phone camera who just want to create eye-catching pictures.

If you focus on these simple adjustments, such as avoiding autofocus and overexposed photos, you will soon discover that making amazing Instagram photos is quite easy.


10 Tips to Make Your Instagram Photos Stand Out From Your Competitors

If you want to make your Instagram photos stand out, here we lay out ten pro tips that can help you take your Instagram photos to the next level:

1. Set Up the Phone’s Camera

Using your phone’s camera can be a great way to take crisp, quality shots for Instagram. To get the most out of your phone’s camera, follow these steps:

A. Avoid Autofocus: Autofocus is excellent for quickly snapping a shot but can also blur some details in the photo. To ensure none of the essential parts of your photo are missed, turn off autofocus on your camera and manually focus with the tap of a finger.

B. Avoid Overexposed Photos: Make sure to take test shots before your final picture by tapping on different areas of your screen. This will allow you to adjust brightness and contrast settings as needed.

C. Avoid Using Flash: Unless absolutely necessary, try not to use flash when taking photos on your phone’s camera as it often produces unflattering results. Usually, making subjects look washed out or too bright while also creating harsh shadows in dimly lit environments.

2. Use Depth Of Field

Using depth of field (DOF) is one of the most popular techniques for professional photographers, including taking stunning Instagram photos.

DOF refers to how much an image is focused on a particular subject or area within an image, where everything outside this area will have a softer focus than whatever serves as the main focal point.

To create impressive depth of field in your pictures, try using smaller aperture settings (like f/2 or below) to ensure that only part of your image stays sharp. At the same time, everything else remains blurry. This trick can also be done with videos instead of photos. Just take an in-depth look into professional videos/cinematography. The primary object is usually in-focus, while the background is blurry. This draws the attention to the main object instead of its surroundings. By doing so, you will definitely see an increase in Instagram views to your videos. This, however, cannot be done with every (cheap) camera. You will most likely have to invest into a DSLR camera with a good lens. Although recent smartphones already try to mimick this feature, the best Dept-Of-Field can be achieved with DSLR’s.

3. Use White Space

White space refers to any open area within an image. The technique helps highlight essential elements in an image by combining them with lots of negative space. This lets the object/subject matter stand out against its surroundings.

Try using objects like chairs, tables, and benches with empty backgrounds to create beautiful white space compositions.

4. Don’t Forget Image Lighting

Taking great photos is all about having good lighting, and experimentation is key when you don’t have access to natural light. Think of a photo as a painting and the types of bulbs in your house as the brushstrokes you’ll use to create it.

Don’t be afraid to get creative. Try playing around with the different kinds of lights, floodlights, incandescent, diffused lamps, etc., to see their effects on your image. With the right amount of trial and error, you can create amazing photographs without ever leaving home!

5. Take a Different Angle

When taking photos for Instagram, switch up your angles and take shots from different perspectives. Move around your subject and explore all sides. Capture images from above and below as well as straight on. Try to include some of the surroundings of the object you’re shooting. This will give the image more context.

6. Complement Image Colors

Pick similar tones that don’t clash or create an overly busy effect, and ensure the colors in your photos complement each other. Taking advantage of contrasting colors can also be effective. Complementary colors, like blue and orange or red and green, create an appealing color palette and draw attention to certain details.

7. Use Burst Mode for Moving Objects

The burst mode allows you to take multiple pictures quickly, giving you several chances to get the perfect shot. This mode is particularly useful for complex subjects such as animals or athletes that move quickly.

Capturing these moments perfectly with no motion blur or fuzzy edges calls for a lightning-fast shutter speed, which burst mode provides. This feature can make a world of difference to anyone looking to capture captivating images.

8. Utilize Image Grids

When it comes to making your Instagram profile stand out, a great way to do so is with a visually-appealing and cohesive grid.

This lets you plan out the grid ahead of time, allowing you to choose photos that create an attractive story with beautiful color palettes and themes. These grids can help set you apart from the thousands of other Instagram profiles.

9. Choose the Appropriate Photo Mode

To ensure your Instagram photos are high quality and stand out from the rest, it’s essential to choose the right photo mode for each image you post.

For example, if you’re taking photos outdoors in bright sunlight, use HDR (high dynamic range) mode, which drastically improves contrast and color vibrancy in difficult lighting conditions.

10. Get Pro-Level Filters for Photos

Pro-level filters on your Instagram photos can make them appear more professional and eye-catching than those without filters. Many filter apps offer tools for adjusting brightness, saturation, hue, shadows, and highlights.

Which allows you to get creative with any photo. You can also use apps to apply special effects such as vignettes or lens flares.

Outshine Your Competitors with Instagram-Worthy Photos

Creating stunning Instagram photos doesn’t have to be hard. Keep those tips in mind, and you’re on your way to cranking up the quality of your shots no matter the occasion.

By using burst mode, combining different colors, creating a unique composition with the depth of field, and balancing the image with white space, you’ll get a visual impact on your page that could give you an edge.

You’ll capture each shot’s full potential with these easy-to-implement strategies for personal or professional use for your Instagram.


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