Instagram Like and Followers Ratio

Yes, you can measure the engagement of an influencer by the number of likes and followers they have. But what about their like to follower ratio? This is a more accurate metric for determining how engaged an influencer is with their followers. In this blog post, we’ll dive into what the like to follower ratio is and why it’s important when measuring engagement. We’ll also provide tips on how to improve your own like to follower ratio. So, whether you’re an Instagram user or marketer, read on for insights into this valuable metric!


What is the Instagram Like and Follower Ratio?

Instagram users with a large number of followers but few likes on their posts may not be as influential as they seem at first glance. The Instagram Like and Followers Ratio is a measure of how well followers are genuinely engaged with an account. This indicator is based on the average number of likes in relation to the following. Users with a high ratio are typically more influential, because their followers are more likely to engage with their content. For businesses and individuals looking to build their brand on Instagram, the Like and Follower Ratio is an important metric to consider.

Instagram’s like and follower ratio (LFR) is a good measure of engagement. Consistency over time is normal, but with more followers, the number of likes per post drops. This happens because Instagram assumes that audience quality correlates with the number of followers.

Instagram describes the ratio as follows: 200 likes out of 2,000 followers equals 10% of engaged followers, while 2,000 likes out of 100,000 followers equals 2%. It’s difficult to maintain a decent LFR when an Instagram account has more followers because fewer people will engage with the posts. Furthermore, IG users miss up to 70% of their Instagram feed on average. Therefore, following fewer accounts increases the quality of the material in an individual’s feed. Consequently, this results in a higher LFR.

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How to get the Like Followers Ratio?

With Instagram’s algorithm always changing, it’s hard to keep up with what works and what doesn’t. A like-follower ratio is a good metric to measure your account’s Instagram success. The like-follower ratio is the number of likes divided by the number of followers. To get a high like-follower ratio, you need engagement from your followers.

The best way to get engagement is to post high-quality content that resonates with your audience. If you can do that, you’ll naturally get more likes on your posts, which will in turn increase your like-follower ratio. Additionally, you can use Instagram ads to boost your like-follower ratio. By targeting people who are likely to be interested in your content, you can get more likes and followers, and thus a higher like-follower ratio.


Two types of Like Follower Ratio

  1. The average LFR over the last four weeks
  2. The single-post LFR.

The average LFR is simply the average number of likes divided by the number of followers for each influencer over the last four weeks. The single-post LFR, on the other hand, is computed for each individual posting. It is the number of likes on a post divided by the number of followers at the time that post was made. Both follower and non-follower likes are counted for each LFR. 

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What’s a good like-follower ratio?

There are a number of factors that can affect Instagram like and follower ratios (LFRs), so there is no set benchmark. However, one group of influencers that tend to have high LFRs are YouTubers. This is because YouTubers often encourage their viewers to follow them on Instagram for more intimate life updates, bringing traffic to their Instagram accounts. Additionally, YouTube stars are a close group; vloggers often endorse each other and guest-star in each other’s videos, which can also lead to increased Instagram activity. Finally, micro-influencers frequently have a greater LFR than celebrity-influencers due to the more personal connection they have with their followers. Lastly, it’s important to note that Instagram has 10 times more engagement than Facebook, with 3.5 billion daily likes, so Instagram LFRs will naturally be higher.


Tools for Calculating Engagement on Instagram

Instagram’s engagement rate is notoriously low, making it difficult for brands and businesses to reach their target audiences. However, there are a few tools that can help you calculate your Instagram engagement rate so that you can better understand how your content is performing. 


For example, it provides a free Instagram engagement calculator that can tell you your reach-to-like ratio and your Instagram reach-to-follower ratio. This information can be helpful in understanding how well your content is performing and how you can improve your Instagram marketing strategy. In the same way, the reach calculator can help you find your most active followers and figure out how well your account is doing overall.


It is one such tool that can be used to calculate your Instagram like and follower ratio. This tool can be useful for determining how your page has grown over time, as well as deleting false or inactive followers. Instagram only allows a specific percentage of followers, so it is important to tidy up your follower list before collaborating with low-cost Instagram influencers to raise account engagement and Instagram ratio. By using a tool like HypeAuditor, which is an Instagram engagement calculator, you can make sure that your Instagram account is growing in a healthy way that will last.

With these tools at your disposal, you can better decipher the Instagram algorithm and ensure that your content is being seen by the right people.


Looking to rev up your Like Follower Ratio?

Engagement is a measure of how active and engaged an Instagram user is with their followers. The like to follower ratio is one metric that can be used to measure engagement. This ratio is simply the number of likes an Instagram user has divided by the number of followers they have. A higher like to follower ratio indicates that an Instagram user is more engaged with their followers. iDigic can help you improve your Instagram engagement with our Instagram Likes Packages. Our service will help you increase the number of likes and followers you have, which will in turn increase your like to follower ratio.

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