12 Fashion Photography Tips For Better Instagram Promotion

Awe-inspiring Instagram Fashion Photography From Around the World

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8 Major Elements to Capture the Perfect Shot

The perfect picture will get you lot of comments and likes from your active Instagram followers.

Experimenting With Natural Lights

In fashion photography, getting a perfect exposure is necessary with regard to creating dimensions and details for defining an image. The key aspect for creating images which stand out is lighting. The proper usage of lighting can help in enhancing your photos.

Knowing about the different kinds of lights can help in arranging the shots that you want to take in the best manner. High temperature light sources will lean to a blue spectrum, while low temperature source will give extra reddish in color. Having too much light will just wash out the picture. Low light will make the photo dark and display a lot of shadows. Most of the social media websites like Instagram are filled with photos with attractive images with best natural lights

Being Aware of Concepts

There are many ways a fashion photo can change your life. It can take you to exotic location, meet and connect with new people and in a way assist others. For a photograph to be attractive it should have a concept which holds the interest of the viewer. It all about completely transforming the waking moment of the individual and this is possible if one is aware of each of the moments. Photographs with appealing concepts are a hit in Instagram. They naturally lead to getting a huge number of likes on Instagram as well as followers.

Impact Of The Image

The image that you shoot must make a striking impact on the viewer in the first instance. An intense emotion has to be evoked which needs to be compelling so that the fashion photo looks great. Photos have got an odd quality. They adhere to the psyche of the viewer and never depart. So, you end up starting at the picture as it sticks to you in some way or the other. Most of the fashion photographers and normal users are able to get good likes and followers in their Instagram account because of the impact their image has.

Composition Of The Photo

You need to bring out the idea of the image through various visual elements of your composition. You have to create a visual focal point which isolates your subject. In fashion photography you need to be original and avoid all kinds of clichés. Just think about what you want to say and how it can be conveyed in your composition. Sometimes effective composition can be disturbing as well as pleasing, and it simply depends on your intentions.

Being Creative

An important question you need to ask before you take photo is ‘How can you express your imagination through the concept that you want to convey on the photo?’ It is important that the image of the model and the prop displays your original idea, thoughts or message that you have rather than simply copying other photographer’s style. Creative photos are what make one’s Instagram account attractive. And such attractive Instagram accounts are bound to be followed and liked by many users.

Subject Matter

Most of the experienced fashion photographers look out for subjects which are extraordinary and stands out among the famous subject matters in the competition. The better the subject matter is the more interesting the photo becomes. Social media websites like Instagram are often filled with photos of various models, products, etc. which represents certain brand or message. It provides a glaring message on the subject.

Getting The Right Center of Interest

It is important that the viewer’s eye must be drawn naturally to the center of attention. Majority of the leading lines has to be directed to the point without making the viewer’s eye jump fro and to around the given image. In fashion photography, you need to take shots that sparkles the interest of the viewers. The same should be with the Instagram account. Each photo that you post must be center of interest for the viewer and hold his or her interest.

Color Balance Of The Photo

The color and tones of the photo needs to work together and in harmony. It needs to be used in contrast for stirring up a variety of feelings. Make sure the color is realistic and it doesn’t clash with each other. Dramatic effects can be created by a good mixture of color and this is what makes a fashion photograph interesting and beautiful. If you check out the Instagram account of various famous fashion photographers, it would be filled with photos having proper color balance.

To Conclude

For a fashion photo to be attractive, it needs to follow various disciplines like proper color balance, an interesting concept, thinking out of the box, and more. Experienced fashion photographers through their trial and error method master the tricks of taking the perfect photo and for novice, it is all about learning from the masters of trade.