Are you looking for a unique way to market your Instagram content offline? With an Instagram QR code, you can do just that! An Instagram QR code is a type of barcode that allows you to quickly and easily share all kinds of content, from posts and profiles to company locations and more. It’s an easy way to bridge the gap between digital and physical marketing strategies.


Instagram QR Code Generator Sharing Feature

Instagram’s new QR code capability is an exciting opportunity for businesses, artists, and users alike. Instagram now generates a unique URL coded as a static QR code, which can be scanned by any smartphone camera app. Once scanned, the application will direct users to the associated destination, whether it be a business profile or a post on Instagram. With this powerful tool, Instagram users can now easily access virtually any destination that the app has to offer—extending far beyond just the feed and Explore tab.


Make Instagram QR Codes

Creating an Instagram QR code to share a post with followers can boost account traffic. Most phone users can make a QR code by adding “qr” to any Instagram URL in their browser.


Share an Instagram post using a QR code.

Instagram QR codes make sharing brand photos and carousel posts easy. Select the QR code from the post’s three dots to share. Instagram then generates a unique code that gives viewers context, including a brief description of the content, date, and originator.

Instagram QR code pop-ups also allow advertisers to customise their code’s colour to match their brand. After customising, download the QR code to your device and upload it to cloud storage software or email it to coworkers.


Instagram QR Code for Sharing Reels

It lets you be creative with videos. Did you know Instagram QR codes may share clips with anyone? It’s simple: locate a reel to post, select the QR code from the lower-right dots, colourize it, and download it. If you don’t see a reel’s QR code, use a desktop browser and add “qr” to the URL. Instagram’s QR codes make it easy to share reels with friends, family, or store merchandise, creating engaging digital interactions.


Instagram Stories QR Code

It can help you reach your audience with time-sensitive content and advertising. If the Instagram app doesn’t generate a QR code, adding “qr” to the story URL on a PC will generate one. Instagram QR codes for stories let you contact your audience quickly and launch campaigns without interruption!


Instagram Story Highlights QR Codes

It simplifies Instagram’s sharing of timeless moments. Create a custom code that links to your story highlight in a few easy steps. Start by opening Instagram and choosing a story highlight to post. Select “QR Code” and check the colour scheme. Finally, upload or display your code. Instagram QR Codes simplify sharing!


Share a Guide with Instagram QR Codes

Instagram users may easily create and share a QR code. Tap the three dots in the upper-right corner of the Instagram guide and select “Show QR Code.” Customize your code colour to match your brand and style.

Save the code to use on Instagram stories, websites, emails, and posters! Make sharing guides easier with an Instagram guide QR code.


Business Instagram QR Codes

Instagram QRcode technology lets companies instantly direct Instagram users to their locations. Tap the location tag on a post or reel, or search under the Explore tab and select locations to find a business on Instagram. Select the 3 dots next to the location and click “Show QR Code” to produce a QR code. After choosing a colour, save your unique Instagram QR code and display it at your shop to help Instagrammers find their way!


Instagram Hashtag Pages QR Codes

Instagram QR Codes elevate hashtags. Instagram users may now generate a QR code for any hashtag page and share it. They simply hit the three dots on the hashtag page and selected “Show QR Code.” Change colours and save the code before sharing. Instagram has simplified its hashtag pages. Instagram’s new QR Code functionality lets users browse hashtag content without typing or remembering long sequences of characters.


Instagram QR Codes for AR Filters

Want more Instagram AR? Share your awesome AR filter with everyone via Instagram QR Codes. Simply enter Instagram’s filter menu, choose the filter you wish to share, then pick “QR Code.” Download and use your customised code. Instagram QR Codes are a great method to promote your amazing Instagram AR filter, whether you put them in public places or on your website and marketing materials.


Share Instagram Profiles with QR Codes

Share your Instagram profile link offline with friends and family with Instagram QR codes. Instagram QR codes can be distributed like business cards or used in creative marketing campaigns. Tap the three lines in the upper-right corner of your Instagram profile to generate your QR Code. Choose “QR Code” under “Account.” Following creation, you can select from emoji patterns and selfies with stickers.Tap “Share” and choose where to share your Instagram QR Code after selecting a design.


8 Instagram QR Code Marketing Ideas

Share UGC

You can use them to share user-generated content (UGC), which is more authentic than branded material and can attract new followers and potential customers. Additionally, you may place Instagram QR codes next to in-store goods for shoppers to scan and interact with the UGC showcasing your products. You can also add UGC to Instagram Stories and set it up as a highlight reel; sharing the QR code will help guide shoppers towards the Story Highlights created by your brand.


Location-Tagged Content

Instagram’s location tags allow businesses to share posts that have been made in their vicinity, expanding their reach and encouraging customers to post about their products or services. Generating a QR code for the location tag of your business helps increase visibility, improve customer engagement, and potentially drive up sales. 


Influencer Partnerships

It can be created through Instagram’s QR codes to help build brand loyalty and introduce new customers to your business. 


Style Advice

Creating style tips around your products is also a great way to boost recognition among present and potential customers.


Food, Drink, or Service Interfaces

Incorporating Instagram QR Codes into restaurant and bar menus is a great way to enable customers to access more information on food, beverages, and services. Customers can use accessible QR codes to open Instagram posts featuring photographs or videos of popular menu items in order to better understand and gain insight into the restaurant’s offerings.


Promote Photo and Reel Remixes

Instagram QR Codes are a great way to promote photo and reel remixes, as customers who engage with the code can quickly and easily access your post, viewing it in its entirety. With Instagram’s Remix feature, customers can even create their own unique content related to your brand, further raising awareness for your company.


Enter More Giveaways

Incorporating an Instagram QR code into the giveaway post can make it easier for offline customers to get involved. Encourage customers to make a personalised Instagram QR code when they share the campaign post. This will get more customers involved and can easily bring more people to the Instagram contest.


Ready to start using Instagram QR codes for your marketing? There are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that your code is easy to scan and that the content it links to is interesting and relevant. Second, always use high-quality images and videos when creating QR codes; if the code doesn’t look good, people won’t be likely to scan it. Finally, experiment with different types of content and see what works best for you and your audience.

At iDigic, we can help you create beautiful Instagram QR codes that will help you take your Instagram marketing strategy to the next level for more likes, followers, and video views. What type of content would you like to share with your followers through a QR code?

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