Instagram has come a long way, from being just a simple photo-sharing platform to a powerful digital tool that allows various businesses, brands, influencers and individuals to reach their target audience in creative and engaging ways. 

For businesses, brands, creators, and individuals to create a strong presence online and produce quality, interesting, and engaging content, it is vital that they plot and strategise their content properly. This will help them monitor their content to avoid recurring or irrelevant topics that will turn off their followers. In this article, elevate your content planning by exploring various Instagram topics we outlined below for your next IG content!


Interesting Topics To Include In Your Instagram Content Planner

Get ready to excite your followers and let your content stand out! Here’s a curated list of interesting topics for your next Instagram content:


Product & Service Showcasing

One of the things to tackle for your next content making is your products and services. If you’re a brand, business, or an influencer you may showcase the products or services you are offering by telling a bit of story behind each product and service. You may also highlight how it can be of help to your audience’s problems and needs. This type of topic will help drive interest and conversions by showcasing what you can offer.


Behind-the-Scenes & Sneak Peeks

Letting your audience have some sneak peeks or behind-the-scenes type of content can boost their excitement and engagement. This may include a sneak peek of a new product launch or behind-the-scenes and shining a spotlight on your team members. A topic like this one helps humanise your content, promote authenticity, and deepen your connection with your audience.


User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-Generated Content (UGC) is one of the most powerful Instagram topics to include in your content planning. UGC will not only showcase your loyal followers or customers but can also help boost authenticity and trust ratings on the platform. This type of topic also motivates your audience because they know that their thoughts are valued and they get a chance to be recognised.


Tips and Tutorials

Tutorials and tips are a great way to share information and valuable facts with your audiences. This topic can keep your audience engaged and interested because you are feeding them with valuable insights. It can be a how-to post, practical advice, or even a product or service demo.


Motivational Post

Drive your audience’s engagement and interest through motivational posts. Sharing inspirational topics with your followers resonates and uplifts them on a personal level. It can also foster a positive environment among your audience and within the IG community.


Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Including your customers’ testimonies and reviews on your topic planning will not only give a variation to your content strategy and showcase the satisfaction of your customers from your products or services, but these can also help establish your authenticity and legitimacy on the platform. Authentic customer reviews and testimonials can drive more potential buyers and increase sales.


Seasonal and Holiday Content

Relate your topic to the approaching season or holiday! You may include stories that showcase the upcoming holiday or you may tailor it by reflecting on the approaching season. Holiday-themed topics not only depict your sense of timeliness and relevance but can also fire up the excitement of your audience to the up and coming holidays.


Contests and Giveaways

One of the greatest ways to amplify engagement and also a good addition to your IG content topics list is by initiating a contest or a giveaway. Fun and interactive games and giveaways can help boost engagement and excitement towards your followers. You may offer monetary prizes, discounts, coupons, or products. Just make sure that you align your contest or game to your brand’s goals and values.


Industry News and Trends

Keep your followers in the know and updated with the current news and trends related to your niche. You may include developments, latest discoveries, current articles, and innovations related to your industry to demonstrate your expertise regarding the matter as well as to keep your audience well-informed.


Question & Answer

Asking or answering your followers is another way to spice up your Instagram content strategy. You can have your questions or answers written out as a text post or via images or video clips. This will not only drive interaction and engagement but can also encourage potential followers to follow and trust you especially if you have enlightened them about your product or service.


Sharing Related Memes

You don’t need to have serious topics all time. It’s also important to lighten the vibe and humanise as well as humorise your topics sometimes. You can share memes related to your product or service that you know will greatly resonate with your audience. By doing so, you will seem more authentic, approachable, and it can help promote customer engagement. Just remember to keep them funny, timely, and relatable.


Debunking Myths and Misconceptions

There are a lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding us nowadays which can negatively affect your product or service if not addressed properly. Debunk your audience’s misunderstanding about a certain topic related to your industry by clear explanations and stating facts. Set the record straight and focus on a few myths at a time. 


Year In Review

Another good topic to add to your list is the annual or year in review. Year in reviews is a great way to reflect on what has happened in the past that made you what you are today. You may showcase your accomplishments over the year, your milestones, or how far your business has come within that short period of time. This is definitely a good way to credit the steps, decisions, and moves it took you to get there.


Final Thoughts

Having the right topics in your roster for content planning is crucial to produce compelling and highly engaging content on the platform. The topics we outlined above, offer a diverse mix of content ideas that you can use whenever you’re running out of topics to post and to avoid irrelevant or recurring content. Keeping your content engaging the the key to growing your reach and getting more Instagram Followers.

Properly planning your content will not only excite your audience but will also drive engagement and help you establish a strong presence on the platform. Do not forget to keep your topics timely, authentic, and engaging. Contents that are aligned with your goals and values will greatly resonate with your audience. 

Unlock the full potential of Instagram as a powerful marketing tool by incorporating a variety of content topics and maintaining a consistent and engaging presence. Happy content planning!

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