This is a popular term you may come accross on Instagram. NFS is an acronym and it is used for different meanings based on different contexts. Sometimes users may confuse it with CFS yet they are totally different concepts. So, let’s move on and check out the meanings for the NFS acronym in a diverse array of contexts.

1. “Not For Sale”

Not For Sale is a common and popular phrase over social media. First meaning that springs to mind based on their usage frequency refers to the items on the image or video that are not for sale. Users who associate themselves with streetwear and fashion along with subcultures generally use this acronym. In this way, they make it clear that the displayed items are not for sales purposes at all.

This acronym is not only limited to streetwear culture though. It can be used by any individual who has a follower base. The main theme here is to declare that the showcased product, item or even service is not displayed for selling it. Hence, it can be anything like clothing, real estate, vehicles and so on.

But it has particular popularity in the streetwear community and fashion influencers on Instagram. Because these public figures wear and showcase expensive pieces and it is a part of their job to show their outfits. So, when they want to make it clear that they don’t want to sell the items they wear, they use the NFS hashtag.

Also this hashtag has a particular vibe and authority among the Instagram community. If you ask, why do influencers or fashion figures bother to make it clear that they are not only interested in earning money. In some way, they indicate their stance as collectors and not random sellers of expensive goods.

If we need to illustrate the situation with an example, we may consider a fashion influencer. This person may have his or her own store and run their business, while at the same time, he or she may want to showcase their shoes- which is a special collection. So, by using this hashtag, they will make it clear their intention, refuse selling requests by only using a hashtag of NFS.

It’s important to note that there are other hashtags similar to NFS. For example, there are alternatives with numbers included such as #NFS4L. It stands for “Not For Sale For Life”, similar to the initial version of NFS. People who are even more serious about their collections and want to convey that they will never sell the items they are showcasing use this variation. Some other versions are used to declare whatever the item is displayed actually not intended for rental by using Not For Rent – NFR along with using NFT which is totally different from crypto market. In this case, it means Not for Trade.

Even though this guide focuses on NFS hashtag use on Instagram, these tags are quite prevalent on other platforms like Facebook, Tiktok, etc. However, it is most popular on Instagram, particularly within the sneaker and streetwear communities. If you are into these subcultures or are just a casual observer, you are likely to come across the NFS hashtag quite frequently.

2. “No Filter Sunday”

The second meaning and most used version of NFS is No Filter Sunday.
It is a theme or style of photo sharing on Instagram on Sundays as the text suggests. What the person who uses this tag means with it, is that he or she did not use any filter, retouch or app to enhance their look on the image. So, they mean their image is more unique and authentic and it does not aim to achieve Instagram perfection by editing at all. It is a way of saying embracing oneself and how they look in their raw version.

3. “Not for Sharing”

Since it implies the shared content- whatever the input is- not intended for sharing with others or public, it is a more ideal acronym to use while you are in DM. To achieve it and ensure that info stays private, you can also use the Instagram vanish mode on direct messages. Not for sharing can also be used for physical items such as the food content that needs explanation as not for sharing with other individuals.

4. “No Filter Squad”

The next meaning is referring to No Filter Squad. It basically means no filtering for any topic. In other words, we can say it is another way to highlight their honesty about their opinions, what they share on Instagram or what they post. No filter Squad is a term used by a community that want to highlight their honest stance on the platform, meaning that they do not afraid of saying what they want to say and then share.

5. “No Funny Stuff”

The next and fifth meaning of the acronym is No Funny Stuff. People use it to make clear they are not joking or trying to be funny by what they say. Another use case is to encourage people to behave and talk in a serious way and actually warn them about the context of a serious topic.

6. “Not Feeling Sober”

Next one on our list refers to “Not Feeling Sober”. It can have a more simplistic view such as not feeling good or thinking clearly yet it also can be used for a more direct meaning as you may understand. This refers to people using alcohol or other drugs and stating directly that they are not feeling sober indeed.

7. “Not Feeling Social”

If you use Instagram actively and have a follower base but not in the mood for too much interaction and conversation, you can again use the NFS acronym to basically say you are Not Feeling Social at that moment. With these letters, you will state that you need some time alone and are not available for social interaction, so that your followers know what you need at that time.

8. “Not for Sure”

The last meaning of the NFS hashtag on our guide is referring to Not for Sure. People use it to say they are not 100% sure about what they posted or said, or in situations where they ask for further information or confirmation. By this way, they will not take the full responsibility of what they shared and make it clear that it is not the final verdict.

Final Words on NFS Hashtag On Instagram

As you saw, NFS has different meanings – almost a dozen as far as we know – in different contexts. And it is an important component of pop culture language and dialect if you are using Instagram actively. It’s primarily used in both hashtags and Instagram notes. So, better to know all of these meanings and try to figure it out by the context and situation it is used. However, sometimes people use the acronym with a hash symbol and then use its long form as well to prevent any confusion.


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