With over two billion users, it’s no surprise that the marketing competition on Instagram is a bit tight. To be able to stand out from the crowd and get your name out there, the first step you should consider is to optimise your Instagram Business profile. 

Your business profile is what people will see first so it is crucial to tailor and optimise it according to your branding so that it will rank on the searches on the platform. Having optimised content could also bring your online presence to greater heights but it will not gain the results you wanted if you did not enhance your profile first. 

Explore the various ways and best practices on how you can optimise your profile in this comprehensive guide to ensure that your Instagram profile will stand out among the competition!


Ways to Optimise Your Instagram Business Profile

Below are some of the most efficient ways to optimise your IG business profile and improve your discoverability and reach on the platform:


Create a Business Account

The very first step in profile optimisation is to create an Instagram business profile or if you already have one, you must turn it into a business account. Business profiles in Instagram offer more benefits like access to valuable insights and analytics which can help you measure and track your performance.

Furthermore, IG business accounts let you add your business contact information, including your business phone number and email address, making it easier for your potential customers to reach you.


Name and Username Optimisation

Include a primary keyword about the product or service you are offering in the name or username of your business profile. This is a good way to improve your chance to rank on searches relevant to your industry. For instance, you may include the keyword “accessories” in your name, username, or both if your products are accessories.


Choose the Right Profile Picture

Your Instagram profile picture is the visual representation of your brand so it is important to take care of it as well. You may use a company or business logo if you have one. Make sure that it is a recognisable and high-quality brand image that will not only be visually appealing but will resonate with your customers as well. Ensure that the image is centred, fits well on Instagram’s circular frame, and is appropriately cropped if needed.


Craft a Compelling Bio

Aside from having an optimised name, username, and professional profile picture, your bio is also your brand’s first impression. Keep it concise and engaging while still clearly describing what your brand has to offer and what sets you apart from others. You may include relevant keywords, call-to-actions, and links. You may add up to five links in your bio and they may be links to your website, other social media pages, and your online shops.


Utilise Instagram Highlights

Instagram Highlights can be a valuable tool in optimising your business profile by showcasing the collection of the best IG Stories of your brand. These curated collections of past Stories appear on your profile so that your visitors or followers will be able to freely browse them whenever they want to. You may optimise your Highlights by showcasing your key offerings, customer reviews, campaigns, and even behind-the-scenes glimpses.


Engage with Your Audience

Engaging with your audience is crucial in building strong connections and relationships on the platform. Responding to comments, messages, and mentions promptly will not only keep your followers engaged but will also make them feel valued and help build stronger connections.


Cross-Promote on Other Platforms

Promoting your profile on other social media platforms and websites can also help in optimisation as well. You may leverage these channels to drive traffic on your IG business profile and encourage other people to follow and engage with you on the platform.


Earn a Blue Checkmark

Similar to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram also has this feature of account verification and a blue checkmark right beside your name. This checkmark is a very effective way to tell your audience that your account is verified by IG thus will give your followers peace of mind knowing that they follow an official account. Having a verified account and a blue checkmark increase your brand’s authenticity and legitimacy on the platform.


Monitor Analytics and Insights

Leverage Instagram’s Insights to gain valuable data about your audience and your brand’s performance as well. With the help of these insights, you can track your performance and adjust them accordingly. This will also guide you on what content and efforts works best for your audience and which ones are not.


Use a Powerful and Efficient Analytics Tool

The best way to know if your efforts are all well worth it is to use an efficient and powerful analytics tool. There are various third-party analytics tools available online that will help you track your efforts and the engagement made by your audience. Having this kind of tool at your disposal, translating the data from your IG metrics will never be a problem anymore.

Although Instagram already has the Insights feature, it only offers basic data about performance. Third-party analytics tools offer much in-depth measuring and tracking for much more accurate data monitoring. 



Optimising your Instagram business profile is a continuous process that requires careful research, planning, engagement, and consistent effort. By leveraging the optimisation tips we outlined above, you can create a powerful and optimised brand presence on the platform.

Remember that success in profile optimisation is not only just about gaining more followers but also about building an engaged community and driving meaningful interactions that can significantly contribute to your brand’s growth and success. Having these strategies in place, you will be well on your way to optimising your IG business profile and maximising its potential for your brand!

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